Beach Cleanup at La Patacona


On the 23rd October the Climate-KIC Alumni Association together with BIOagradables organized a beach cleanup at the beach La Patacona, Valencia, Spain.

At the opening of the event Emilio Beladiez, from BIOagradables, talked about the current situation of sea ecosystems globally and explained the methodology for cleaning, classifying and registering the residues. Afterwards, the Local Representative of the CKAA in Valencia presented the Association to the 80 participants. Some of the attendees are currently studying at a university, and will be future members of the Climate-KIC ecosystem. The CKAA members also found it important to talk about past and future events to continue building our community.

In the next stage, groups were formed to start cleaning, following the instructions of the experts from BIOagradables. After finishing work, the participants have chosen to stay and enjoy the good job and discuss further actions.

The results were amazing. During the 2 hours of work the attendees cleaned 1 km of the coastline, collecting around 45 kg of residues, including 5000 cigarettes; 2000 ear sticks; 800 plastic packages, bottles and caps; 120 metal cans; 200 personal hygiene products and 1000 other items, even rubber tires or car mats.

Attendees were very implicated in the activity and want to repeat it soon, they were also very interested in future CKAA events, such as the upcoming a workshop to build LED lamps with recycled materials.