CKAA leadership training with field work in Biokert of Zsámbok


The Hungarian CKAA local representative team has organized a self-development training and organic garden workshop for the Hungarian CKAA team.

The main idea of the training was to involve outdoor activity (preferably in an organic garden, like Zsámboki Biokert) and  practical leadership training as well to the program. The motivation was to create an unusual and colourful training program, where participants can learn a concrete skill during the training but can be on the fresh air and explore the practical side of organic farming in the same time.

The venue, the garden of Zsámboki Biokert, provided the attendees the opportunity (depending on the weather) to get to know the garden better before the leadership training that was a case-study workshop using evidence-based decision-making method.

The field visit to the organic garden and the training was very successfull, all of the participants gave positive feedback to the organizers.