Local Hero from Berlin


I’m Tobias and a student in Sustainable Business and Innovation at Utrecht University. My interest in sustainability and climate change mitigation lies particularly in the circular economy.

There are many smart product designs and business models out there that promote efficient resource use and the circulation of materials in closed loops which prevents them from ending up in landfill.

Recently, I moved to Berlin for an internship at a small startup that is active in the field of circular economy, ECO Brotbox (tagged, here is the Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ecobrotbox/ ). We are selling toxin free and long-lasting lunch boxes and bottles, made out of stainless steel. One major task I’m working on right now is the restructuring of Das Tiffin Projekt (tagged, https://www.facebook.com/TiffinProjekt/) . This project aims to mitigate packaging waste in the take-away sector. We offer our steel containers as an alternative to single-use packaging for take-away meals. After use, the customer simply brings the container back to the restaurant where it gets cleaned to be ready for the next meal to be filled in. I’m convinced that such a system can have a major impact on the prevention of waste and that we’ll scale up soon!

Next to my internship, I’m working on my master’s thesis about social value practices of circular economy enterprises in the electronics sector. Once I graduated, I’m looking forward to continue with my passion on sustainability both in my professional career and at Climate KIC!