Local Hero from Iceland



"I am Justine Vanhalst a 25-years old, french girl living in Iceland since 2016. I am a scientist working at Matís ohf in Reykjavik. I do microbiology and work on EU H2020 research projects. We are trying to determine the biodiversity of microbes in Iceland and identify properties that could be used in Biotechnology. Other than that, I attended the EIT CLimate KIC Journey 2017 (Paris-Dublin-Riga) and I had an amazing experience and learn so much about entrepreneurship and how we can mitigate climate change. This summer school increase my interest and my motivation to take action. When I came back to Iceland I organised the first Climathon of Reykjavik. It was a great experience too and I got the pleasure to have the mayor on board with me and the minister of the environment of Iceland. It was a success for a first time. The city of Reykjavik was really delighted to have someone to talk about climate change in their city and take action. That' s why the city is now employing me to run the second Climathon of Reykjavik! I am happy to bring these subject to the community of Iceland and open mind on climate change, circular economy and sustainability! I am ready to increase the EIT Climate KIC Community here in my adoptive country and be more and more active!"

Thank you Justine for being such an active Local Leader and member of the CKAA, keep up the good work!