Visiting the EIT Digital annual gathering in Trento


One of the best parts of being a CKAA member is that I am surrounded by hunderds of like-minded, super interesting and motivated people, and also that I get to meet new perspectives and stories almost every day. 

I visited the EIT Digital's Alumni meeting, where I knew literally no one (until the first 5 minutes), and left with almost 100 new friends. The event started in the wonderful city of Trento (Highly recommended to pay a visit if you are in the area!!). It is a little gemstone, with buildings full of frescos, and the university is full of EIT Digital students, so if you need a tour guide you should definitely get in touch with them! After a guided tour we moved to the wonderful Val di Sole (Valley of the Sun). The scenery was spectacular, the organisers of the event made sure that the atmosphere made us forget about the everyday life problems so that we can propely enjoy each others' company. We had a full day outside, with extreme sports, hikes and loads of laugther. Next to the outdoor activities, we also had about 16 workshops and presentations to choose from, where I learnt about using blockchain for elections, UX design, a start-up incubator in Chile, as well as career development. The best part of this is that the Digital community is also full of highly motivated and super intersting people. Climate change was a frequently discussed topic, and many of the alumni have approached me to ask how they could join any of our start-ups to make the world a better place. 

On this note, I became highly motivated to help you start organising more cross-KIC events, because I am certain that the EIT Alumni (because we are also part of that) has so much unexploited potential that could change the world! So guys, let's join our forces from all KICs and change the system, not the climate!


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