Dorottya Bauer


Dorka started her studies at the University of Warwick, where she studied Politics and International Relations. She gained insight into the world of Environmental Politics, while working for the Climate Reality Project Canada. This experience had a significant impact on her career. As a result she started to organise environmental education projects with the CRP and got involved with various other initiatives e.g.: Warwick Climate Forum, UN Youth Organisations etc. Later on she worked for the Regional Environmental Center, and Klimapolitika, a small environmental think-tank in Budapest. In 2017 she participated in the Journey as well as a Climate Launchpad, where she made it to the international finals. She is currently studying Environmental Sciences and Policy at the Central European University in Budapest. Her main objectives as a Communications Manager is:

To establish consistent communication both internally and externally

To create strong bonds within the CKAA community

To energise the members through showing them the endless opportunities our community can offer

To focus on promoting the success stories of our community to help the members to get to know each other.