Frankfurt, Germany

Hessen was not only the home of the famous brothers Grimm, it faces also lots of challenges concerning climate change. Due to its location
in the center of Europe and the middle of Germany, congestions on the ground and in the air are quite common and also the industrial sector
emitts lots of GHG. On the other side the goals for climate protection are very ambitious. Frankfurt, famous for its impressive skyscrapers
and center of the financial industry, wants to obtain 100% of its energy from renewable sources till 2050 and has already built lots of passive

Hessen belongs to the Climate-KIC regions which organize the Pioneers-into-Practice program every year as well as the PhD Summer School
in Frankfurt. The TU Darmstadt and the Competence Centre for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (CliMA) at the University of Kassel
are hosts for the Journey. Furthermore the Incubation program takes place at the HIGHEST in Darmstadt.
For our Alumni we are organizing various events, like get-together with Start-Ups like bettervest, workshops and lectures. We inform our
community through our newsletter regularly on Alumni projects, events, Climate-KIC competitions, funding opportunities for start-ups,
internal job offering and upcoming events. Furthermore we are active in our Alumni group in the German professional network XING.