London, UK

With a population of around eight million London is one of Europe’s hubs of social and economic activity. As such a large and important city it faces its particular challenges with regards to climate change and transitioning to a low carbon economy, ranging from transport and housing to electricity and waste management. However, it also boasts unique resources for clean-tech entrepreneurs: it is host to a number of start-up competitions every year as well as several business incubators, it offers a huge professional network and the large student population provides a fantastic pool of talent and expertise. London’s scale and its diverse and dynamic communities have the potential to make it a leading city in urban climate innovation.

Amount of Alumni: 120
From which Master/PhD Label Alumni: 120
From which Pioneers into Practice Alumni: 0

Interesting start-ups in the region: MeshPower and Oorja (both rural electrification projects), GrowUp Urban Farms (Aquaponic Farming), Clotho (Clothes Exchange), OpenWatt (Electricity Demand Response).