Paris, France

Paris well known as the City of Lights was right at the heart of events that marked French history and shaped its present. As the French capital, this cosmopolitan city is also involved in major global issues (cultural, economical, environmental…). Paris has an ambitious vision towards a greener future and is at the head of the ongoing discussions on Climate Issues as it will be hosting the COP21 this year where challenging agreement are awaited.
Paris is one of the collocation centre of Climate-KIC. Climate-KIC activities in France gather about thirty partners from academic, research and industry. All partners bring their own expertise to contribute to a knowledge triangle of: research, education and innovation.

The Alumni based in Paris are students and young proffesionals. They have all participated to the master label program, PhD program, and Climate-KIC summerschool as an add-on to their studies at some of the best Universities and “Grendes écoles” such as UPMC, UVSQ, AgroParisTech, SciencePo, or Polytechnique.
The local Alumni team from Paris-Chapter organizes a lot of various and inspiring events to gather people with same interest (Alumni, students, entrepreneurs…) to create a huge network, raise environmental awareness, and foster opportinities to develop cooperation between different partners in Paris.