The Journey Networking Picnic & The Pitch Tour Jury

Event Description

The Journey Networking Picnic & The Pitch Tour Jury
(Co-organised with the RIC Team)
Where: Budapest
When: 22.07.16 and 29.07.16

Find below some feedback of the event:

Csilla Hegyfalvi: «I enjoyed the picnic very much. I could share my experience on my PiP Programme with the others and encourage them to apply for it next year. It was really interesting to hear the challenges of The Journey, I've appreciated people doing it. I might apply for it next year!».

Krisztina Verbics: «The location and the food were perfect! I had nice talks with other Alumni and was really interested in the projects carried out by The Journey's participants as well as in the CEU InnovationsLab».

Krisztina Jónás: «It was my first Alumni event, I liked it very much. I did The Journey last year, so it was easy for me to engage in conversations with The Journey's participants and give them some advice on the Pitches and Business Plan».

Zsóka Ardai: «It was exciting to be on the other side! I did both The Journey and the PiP Programme, so it was easy for me to sympathise with the Teams and give them useful advice. Our jury was well-balanced – one of us was the Finance Expert, another one was the Technical Expert, and I usually was the one asking about the roles and the Team dynamics».

Attila Katona: «All in all, the Teams were well-prepared, even though they still had a lot to do and they had to reconsider some parts of their projects. I remember how much our Team worked before our Pitch and how excited we all were during our Journey 3 years ago! It was a once in a lifetime experience, I learnt a lot from it, and hopefully so did these participants! Our jury did its best to help them».

Event Date

Fri, 2016-07-22 12:00 to Fri, 2016-07-29 12:00


22.07.16 and 29.07.16


Event Location

Budapest, Hungary

Event Location